Jasper Chair’s environmentally conscious approach is a necessary part of how we do business. We have learned along the way, improved, and are constantly seeking ways to lessen our footprint.


With a single facility, Jasper Chair maintains complete control of our manufacturing processes. We start with raw lumber to a finished product ready to ship. Thus we minimize our reliance of other companies, their ethical standards and cost structure.


Continual investment in the most modern technology and equipment ensures maximum lumber yield and improved manufacturing efficiency. 


Our employees are environmental stewards, delivering protective methods to benefit future generations with our conscientious, sounds manufacturing processes. Jasper Chair promotes company wide recycling and seeks to purchase items with recycled content. 


At Jasper Chair, wood is our primary material. It is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. Wood also provides inherent beauty that minimizes the need to alter its appearance, is a versatile, workable material, and has resounding structural composition. Our accountability to this natural resource has guided our responsible sourcing, handling, and management of this material. We make it our commitment to harvest wood in a way that preserves and replenishes our forests for future generations. 


With thoughtful consideration, our furniture can always be renewed, reused, and recycled.

We collect all non-usable wood and use it for fuel, creating steam for the manufacturing processes and heat in the winter. This reduces the release of damaging fossil fuels in our facilities and into the air. 


Our products are designed to last a lifetime. By making our furniture with close attention to quality construction, it can be an heirloom passed from generation to generation.