How we make chairs better.


Using only the finest domestic raw materials and dried to absolute perfection


Employing skillfully trained craftsmen and close monitoring of product processes. 


Integrating consistent construction features in our products so they uniquely last a lifetime. 

Interlocking corner blocks & rail joints > Durability and comfort are maximized with Interlocking corner blocks & rail joints to lend superior strength at critical joints and provide optimum support for seat suspension. 

Solid wood corner blocks > Frames are reinforced with screws (not just glue) and the use of solid wood corner blocks to provide support at all critical joints. 

Flex-o-lator > Select upholstered seats styles utilize a flex-o-lator spring seat for suspensions, extra support and comfort, while reducing the wear on the cushion and fabric for long term performance. 

Mortise & Tenon > Joinery is a combination of dowel and mortise and tenon with additional hardened steel fasteners to provide the highest quality frame.