True American Manufacturing

From 1921 to today, Jasper Chair maintains the same way of doing business: making quality furniture that can be used for a lifetime by employing skillfully trained craftsmen and using only the finest raw materials in our manufacturing processes. At the very beginning of a chair, we start with the finest of raw materials.

    At Jasper Chair, it's important we intimately know where our wood comes from. We purchase over two million board feet each year of the finest Northern Grown Red Oak and Hard Maple lumber harvested right here in the United States. We source from responsible foresters located in our Midwestern backyard to ensure quality and availability. The lumber is tenaciously graded, sorted and stacked to be properly dried in one of three air-dry facilities on our grounds. This, we believe, is the key to providing furniture that lasts a lifetime. Some lumber may be required to air-dry for as long as a year. Many manufacturers bypass this integral process relying on faster methods or purchasing dried lumber. Here at Jasper Chair, we pledge to not use any inferior components in our furniture, starting with the rawest of our raw materials.

    A large portion of our chair designs utilize steam bent solid wood. Steam bending is a lost art in which solid lumber is saturated with steam until the wood fibers are pliable for bending. A labor intensive and costly process many manufacturers have traded for higher profits, steam bending offers no substitute. It is the only process that truly allows chair components to retain their shape, providing tremendous strength and long lasting performance.

    Only after lumber has been deemed of excellent quality through imaging techniques do our craftsmen begin dimensioning, boring, doweling, and sanding the lumber into chair components. Our Machine Department relies on the finest machinery built from all over the world, ensuring that our product is produced quickly and accurately and of the highest possible quality.

    Jasper Chair runs constant quality checks. Dimension parts are hand selected for color to ensure continuity. Frame assembly is controlled to secure proper fit and form. All models are built from individually fitted components, we purchase no frames. In finishing, each chair incurs numerous staining and sanding processes for smoothness, followed by multiple layers of catalyzed varnish for a lifetime of beauty. Each chair passes through several temperature controlled ovens to cure the finish for ultimate durability. Finally, the chair is quality inspected one last time to ensure consistency of the order and all quality standards are met.

And then it arrives to you. And as always, the Jasper Chair chair will be the silent, but sure, foundation of your business providing a lifetime of performance, comfort and solid beauty.