The earliest bridge connecting the two diverse places. A remnant of the past, upgraded and renewed by the future. Hattie Bridge, Marinette, WI & Menominee, MI

The invention and reinvention of the classic Windsor style chair has emerged and reemerged. This time around, it’s a perfect fit for those curated themes and a modern approach. Each piece meticulously built by expert craftsmen, yet providing its own identity through patterns created naturally in wood.

Using shaped, but undecorated spindles, smoothed and sanded to perfection. Legs are framed at splayed angles front to back and side to side for actual and visual support. With any Windsor-design, the structural integrity is anchored, contingent, in the seat; ours, a solid wood seat at 1 3/16 inch thickness, followed by a 45 degree chamfer. Each spindle is securely fastened into the seat through precise fitting and gluing techniques. 

The all wood chair and stool collection includes a juvenile chair at 16” and a variety of bases for the barstool to provide a mixed material aesthetic or to add motion. Specify Hattie in a natural wood tones or with a color applied to a near identical match, with or without opacity.

(Pictured at right) Hattie is pictured in natural wood tone finishes and custom paint coordinates.

Revived to span the elements. 



AN AUTHENTIC MESSAGE In 1921, we decided to make chairs in an uncompromising manner. That spirit is alive and well today. We see every chair from start to finish – beginning with raw lumber, graded, stacked, and dried to absolute perfection. Then, we build, by hand, for restaurants, pubs, schools, law firms, and senior living communities; the places we work hard, have fun, and call home.

At Jasper Chair, we bend the rules, preserve lost arts, and pursue a level of quality that’s hard to come by – always for our customers, always with American pride.

Our history is defined by making chairs people love – and at Jasper Chair, history repeats itself every day. 

Date Posted: 04/27/2018