A backdrop to the community. Adorned with beauty, some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere. A variety of opportunities. And, a wealth of resources and enjoyment; Ronan, Montana.

Seeking new shapes,  Ronan was developed with curvilinear lines that flow together harmoniously.   Using layered ply, the organic backrest is bent to a u-shape through the use of heat and steam. Next, begins a sequence of precise cutting techniques to reveal unrivaled character. Layers of foam are enclosed with precisely tailored upholstery.

Ronan’s base is comprised of solid maple wood components, fully rounded and tapered. The wood base is available in a full palette of finishes as well as custom selections.

The collection comes standard as a chair, arm-like chair and barstool model. All models can be specified with a fully enclosed backrest or a mirrored curvilinear cutout along the base. 

Ronan was created to embody the spirit of its atmosphere as well as each of its guests.

(Pictured at right) The Ronan chair is presented with Lodi barstool in a jewel-tone aesthetic. With familiar details, these collections work together beautifully.

An open arms welcome awaits.



In 1921, we decided to make chairs in an uncompromising manner. That spirit is alive and well today. We see every chair from start to finish – beginning with raw lumber, graded, stacked, and dried to absolute perfection. Then, we build, by hand, for restaurants, pubs, schools, law firms, and senior living communities; the places we work hard, have fun, and call home.

At Jasper Chair, we bend the rules, preserve lost arts, and pursue a level of quality that’s hard to come by – always for our customers, always with American pride.

Our history is defined by making chairs people love – and at Jasper Chair, history repeats itself every day. 

Date Posted: 04/27/2018