A stunning collection of custom designs.  These designs came to us as a package, four chairs and two stools. The styles mix and mingle at tables throughout restaurants, some as pairs, some with upholstered seats, and with either of the two shaped leg designs. Pick one or pick them all! 


Jasper Chair is your most reliable source for authentic custom manufacturing - from a slight modification to made-to-measure dimensions to building an original concept. 

At Jasper Chair, there are not hard, fast rules.  But, as a general guide, items featured in the design center are not standard product, and thus stock of all components are not readily available. Therefore, typical lead time may be extended, and minimum quantities are desired to offset the added labor (or, a one-time fee can be applied for small quantity request).  Find out more on these unique designs using the reference number provided or to create your own unique design. 

Our design center features recent custom work to highlight a variety of styles, capabilities, and provide inspiration... 


Date Posted: 08/29/2018