Florida Contracts

Environmental Policy

Policy Statement:

Jasper Chair continues to build on a legacy that was established by our founders in 1921. By using renewable resources and recycling our own byproducts we are ensuring the well being of all and preserving our environment for the future of all to enjoy.

Our Commitment Includes:

Designing products to last while paying close attention to the way our furniture is made and to the ways it can be renewed, reused and recycled.

   Continually investing in the most modern equipment to ensure maximum yield is achieved from lumber, to improve manufacturing efficiency and to protect the environment and employees.

   Collecting all non usable wood to be used for fuel for creating steam for manufacturing process and heat in the winter, eliminating the need for fossil fuels. In house recycling and the purchase of material with recycled content.

   We ask everyone at Jasper Chair to be a steward of our desire to protect the environment and successfully support our company's philosophy while serving our customers and related business partners.


Future generations will inherit a commitment of responsible manufacturing and a strong desire to exceed what is asked of us as using environmentally sound manufacturing practices.