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Jasper Chair's Fabric Program offers a selection of fabrics in a wide array of patterns and colors to accommodate a variety of applications. From durable fabrics to withstand the rigors of schools and universities, to easy-to-clean fabrics for restaurant and hospitality use, to protective upholsteries suitable for healthcare, Jasper Chair will have upholstery to fit the need.

    Fabrics are shown on Jasper Chair's Swatch Cards located in the Jasper Chair binder. Larger memo samples are available by contacting the fabric manufacturer direct, also indicated on the Swatch Card.

    All seating in this Jasper Chair Product Guide includes the cost of applied fabric using Jasper Chair's Fabric Program. These fabrics are classified or priced in "Grades" ranging from Grade 200 (lowest) to Grade 700 (highest). If two graded fabrics are to be applied to the same frame, pricing will be based on the higher of the two grades.

    Published yardage is based on a solid 54" wide fabric. In some cases, the pattern or repeat will require additional yardage. Please contact Customer Service to help estimate yardage requirements, toll free: 866-891-8289.

    Unless the customer indicates, all fabrics will be customarily applied in a railroad manner (or off the roll in a horizontal fashion) as shown.

If the fabric should be applied in a different manner or up the roll, please indicate on your Purchase Order. Please be aware that additional costs and additional yardage may arise from applying the fabric other than the customary direction.

Cut Yardage is available for purchase. Should a customer require to purchase cut yardage, refer to the following table for pricing.

Grade Price Per Yard
200 $77.00
300 $113.00
400 $147.00
500 $186.00
600 $225.00
700 $266.00