Environmental Policy

Jasper Chair's environmentally conscious approach is a necessary part of how we do business. We have responsibly handled and managed wood raw materials for 88 years, so a great amount of present and future accountability for our natural resources has guided our environmental ethic for decades. We make it our absolute commitment to harvest wood in a way that preserves and replenishes our forests. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. Close attention is paid to the way our furniture is made and to the ways that it can be renewed, reused, and recycled.

    Jasper Chair Company makes its furniture with the intent that it will be heirloom furniture passed from generation to generation. Continually investing in the most modern technology and equipment ensures maximum lumber yield and improves manufacturing efficiency. We collect all non usable wood and use it for fuel, creating steam for manufacturing processes and heat in the winter. This reduces the release of damaging fossil fuels in our facilities and into the air. Jasper Chair Company promotes company-wide recycling and only purchases materials containing recycled content. Our employees are environmental stewards, delivering protective methods to benefit future generations with our conscientious, sound manufacturing processes.