We strive to make the process of selecting and purchasing furniture fun and easy.
Here is a glance at our start-to-finish guide. 


We are ready to listen, so let’s start with basics – your goals and concepts, budgetary parameters, and timeline. We’re probably just as excited as you to see your brand come to life.


A project manager will be assigned to ease the flow of communication, time objectives and even follow up after the product installs. Or, years later, a replacement part is needed or looking to expand, we’ll have your project details and be ready to go.  


Now for selecting products. We have many standard options and many more customs. Whether it’s an inspiration concept, sketch, or a drawing, we can accommodate. Our team of experts have ideas on construction techniques and value engineering. 


We realize details matter. We will provide drawing files with full specifications or even a rendered visual. And, when time allows, let’s mock up a prototype and be certain all those details are precise. 


We’re happy to accommodate inventory and management, whether its fully boxed and ready-to-ship or maintaining inventory based upon forecasting efforts. We realize the importance of being on time and have adequate warehouse space to provide this service at no added cost to you. We’d rather it be under our roof than multiple handling or some warehouse unaccounted. 


We are committed to your goals and our partnership. If you have a need or an idea, we are ready to hear it – replacements seats or cushions, touchups, charcuterie boards, and special product packaging – and everything in between. We want to ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire process, including years after.