Care & Maintenance

Periodic inspections should be made to determine if the wood surface is soiled. If so, clean using a mild household cleaner and damp cloth. The wood finish is resistant to body oils and perspiration, but should be cleaned when a soiled condition is noticeable.

    Should ink, lead, or paint soil the wood finish, immediately refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning from a varnish or a painted surface.

    If the surface becomes scratched, use a touch-up material compatible with varnish. Do not use any lacquer type materials, as this will cause the finish to lift or blister.

    When the upholstery fabric becomes soiled, use a name brand fabric cleaner or shampoo as per the manufacturer's instructions. Should the fabric be soiled with ink, lead, or paint, immediately refer to the manufacturer's recommendations to remove.

    Chair frame maintenance requires periodic inspections of the joints, especially the back post to side rail joint. Check to be sure all screws are tight and if any screws have become loosened; tighten. Should any part of the chair frame develop a crack or break, immediately remove the chair from use and contact a qualified furniture repair person or contact the factory for assistance.

    Wood is greatly affected by moisture or more importantly the lack of moisture. The best relative humidity ranges between 35 to 45 percent at 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If your building's relative humidity level is below 35 percent, a system that adds moisture into the air needs to be employed. The worst time of year for moisture related troubles is during the winter as heating systems extract moisture from the air. Chairs with solid wood seats are very sensitive to drops in humidity. The solid wood chair seat will be the first part of the chair to show signs of lack of moisture and develop small end grain checks or splits. Should this occur, please check to see if the relative humidity level in your building is at the proper level.

Should any unusual problem occur, contact the factory or a factory dealer for assistance.